5 Creative Ways of Using a Smudge Stick

5 Creative Ways of Using a Smudge Stick

5 Creative Ways of Using a Smudge Stick

While browsing holistic or natural food stores, you may have noticed a small bundle of sage without much explanation as to how, or when, to use one.  Even those familiar with the concept of sage smudging have a hard time visualizing the usefulness of this old ritual in a modern world. Because we are constantly intercepting energy from outside sources, there are more practical and helpful ways of using a smudge stick than ever before.

After a Breakup

When relationships end, there tends to be a lot of energy left behind, especially after a fight, or if you lived together or shared many of the same items. When you’re ready to move on, it’s a good thing to “clear the air” and make way for new possibilities in your life. If you feel bad vibes from the past lingering in your bedroom, car, or anywhere else, simply bring the burning sage bundle into those places and make sure the smoke fills the area. Any furniture or individual items will also benefit from the effects of the smoke.

Personal Rituals

You can enhance your meditation, yoga, or spiritual practice by beginning with burning your smudge stick. Not only will sage burning help relax and put you in the right state of mind, but there is a long history of using the aromatic smoke from sage and other herbs to cleanse a person's personal energy, or aura. Simply burn your smudge stick and “wash” the smoke over you, moving from the ground and up over your head on all sides. Aside from cleansing yourself during personal rituals, it’s also a good idea to begin every smudge session  in your home this way.

Moving into a New Home

Moving into a new place is also an event that calls for space clearing. Even if all possessions have been removed and the home is completely empty, you might still feel “out of place” if the energy of prior occupants is still lingering. Sage smudging will get you off to a fresh start in your new home or make it feel more warm and welcoming rather than cold and foreign.  

When You’re Stuck in a Rut

If you’ve been feeling sluggish, listless, or downright depressed, it could mean that you’re overdue for an energetic detox. Whether you realize it or not, your personal energetic field is constantly bombarded with outside influences, and even your home and workplace will become a dwelling for stagnant energy.

Regardless of the cause, when you start to feel stagnant, depressed, or stuck in a rut, clearing the energy can help you start moving in the right direction. If you’re particularly sensitive, simply being out in crowds or taking public transit can greatly affect your energetic field.

While Spring Cleaning

There’s a reason why spring cleaning often fills us with renewed energy and a fresh outlook. Seasonal cleaning breaks up the stagnating energy found in dusty corners and heavily cluttered areas. Spaces that don’t receive much sunlight or movement will also start to collect energy and stagnant. You can take your spring cleaning a step further by topping it off with sage smudging. You can think of it as “energetic maintenance” in the home, and clearing out old, sluggish vibes that we bring in from the outside world.

Though sage smudging has an esoteric history, we can see how this old technique still holds value even today. As more people get in touch with themselves and tune into the subtle, energetic qualities of the world around them, smudge sticks might become an essential item to have in the home. We have a great selection of smudge sticks, loose sage leaves, and other cleansing kits and accessories for those experienced in smudging or those looking to try it for the first time.
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