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Heal From the Inside Out with Himalayan Salt

Heal From the Inside Out with Himalayan Salt

The uses of Himalayan salt can be found in many forms in all areas of the home, not just your salt pot. This precious mineral is not only prized for its superior taste and beautiful color, but for its ability to help heal the body when ingested or used externally. If you’re curious how you can take advantage of the versatility of Himalayan salt, read on and you’ll discover the many ways this salt can be used to heal the mind and body.

Himalayan Salt Origins

The source of Himalayan salt makes it a wonder all on its own. Mined from deep caverns found at the base of the tallest mountain range in the world, this salt is found in the Punjab region of the Himalayas. Himalayan salt is a earthy treasure protected by layers of lava rock, and one of the purest, unpolluted salts available. This salt has been valued for its healing and rejuvenating abilities since it was discovered, and now can be found in the form of a bath salt, candle holder, bookends, and much more.

How to Use Himalayan Salt

You can benefit from Himalayan salt by adding it to your next bath or using it as a salt scrub.  A salt bath helps your body draw-out toxins, which leads to clearer, brighter skin.  If you want a powerful aid in your detox routine, then add at least 1 pound of Himalayan salt to your bath water, or enough to where you’ve created a salty brine. By adding a substantial amount, you’ll get the benefits of muscle-relaxing minerals such as magnesium that helps with joint pain, muscle cramps, and other sources of inflammation.

If you think all salt tastes the same (that is, salty), then you need to give Himalayan salt a try. Unlike table salt that has been bleached, filtered, and stripped of all its trace minerals, Himalayan salt is kept in its natural state. This not only explains Himalayan salts pink color (due to iron oxide) but it also gives it a much more complex flavor profile. The salt rocks can be added to a peppermill for using while cooking, or you can find slabs of Himalayan salt to prepare food or serve food on. You get the advantage of better tasting food, and 84 trace minerals that provide better electrolyte balance, and lower sodium than table salt.

Today, Himalayan salt is used in another way that has a more subtle effect on us. The popularity of Himalayan salt lamps or other salt warming devices has increased dramatically since word has spread if its mood enhancing capabilities. When turned into a lamp or candle holder, the light warms the salt, releasing negative ions into the space around it. Though there is an argument over whether or not the amount of ions released is significant, there’s no dispute over the   beautiful warm glow of Himalayan salt and its relaxing effect.

We carry Himalayan salt in one of its most versatile forms, allowing you to easily turn it into a bath salt, cooking salt, or body scrub. By keeping this salt on hand in your home, you’ll never run out of ways of using it.

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