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How to Create an Altar at Home

How to Create an Altar at Home

How to Create an Altar at Home

An altar might seem out of place outside of a temple, but chances are you might already have something similar forming on top of your dresser, hallway table, or shelf. An altar or home shrine is simply a place of reverence, where you tend to place important tokens or devotional items that cause reflection. Having a home shrine can be beneficial to meditative practices, meeting goals, showing gratitude, or honoring the memory of a loved one. If you’d like to create a dedicated space for taking time to reflect or meditate, then here are some items that will help evoke inspiration:

Statuary and other Symbols

Statuary are important parts to have on an altar, as their presence instantly brings our mind towards whatever your particular statue symbolizes. Ganesh, for example, brings prosperity and success, but also represents acquisition of knowledge. Every time you look at Ganesh, it can remind you of what you learn each day that brings you closer to prosperity in life. Any symbol that holds personal significance to would be an appropriate addition to your altar.

Incense and Candles

Burning incense and lighting candles have always accompanied spiritual practices. The light of a candle focuses the mind and allows for deeper concentration. This is especially helpful  when repeating a mantra or sitting down to meditate or pray. Placing candles of different colors representing the chakras can remind you of whichever areas of life you want to focus on. You can also use different scents depending on whether you want to feel relaxed, romantic, or invigorated.


Sometimes home shrines are made in tribute to an idea, goal, or person. You can keep inspirational imagery associated with your goal, or photos of loved ones that you’d like to keep close to your heart. Pictures can also be used in place of statuary if you want to represent a certain deity, words to a mantra, or mandalas. Pictures of mandalas have long been used as tools of enlightenment in  Eastern cultures, and they are believed to bring positive energy to those who view them. These will add personal touches as well as powerful imagery to your altar.


Depending on your current goals, you can use crystals to help move you in the right direction. To promote creativity, for example, crystals such as pyrite and citrine are good to keep on your altar. If you're more concerned with having protection and staying grounded, then nuumite or onyx are good choices. Clear and smoky quartz are said to absorb negative and electromagnetic energy in the home, so if your altar is centrally located, it can help cleanse the whole area. You can also hang crystals balls above your altar to clear the energy surrounding it.

Using these tools, you can create a positive and inspiring space that speaks to your individual beliefs and agenda. Your personal shrine could quickly become one of your favorite places to be, and even the heart of your home.

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