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While Feng Shui might seem like a complicated form of interior design, there’s a lot of it that falls within the conventional wisdom that we all have inside. Simply put, Feng Shui is a way of harmonizing your space, and the Qi (or energy) that flows through it. If you’ve always been intrigued by this but worried about whether you could pull it off, follow these basic principals and you’ll be able to grasp the basics of good Feng Shui.

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Chakra energies are forever changing and moving in the body, and can go in and out of balance depending on our  points of stress, diet, activity, and other lifestyle choices. These subtle energies can be influenced in a number of ways, from yoga,  sounds, and color therapy, but the easiest way is perhaps aromatherapy. Each chakra responds to different scents and can be brought back into balance by simply wearing an essential oil or filling your home with the scent of a special chakra candle.

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The beauty of meditation rings is no secret, however, their history and purpose often remain a mystery to those who’re only looking for a unique piece of hand candy. Many are captivated by their rustic, hand-crafted appearance, and in unison with their silver and copper beauty they draw many an onlooker to a quick buy. But, if you’re curious how to use meditation rings, an in-depth look reveals why those who adorn them quickly grow attached to more than just the enchanting sparkle on their fingers...

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