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Chakra energies are forever changing and moving in the body, and can go in and out of balance depending on our  points of stress, diet, activity, and other lifestyle choices. These subtle energies can be influenced in a number of ways, from yoga,  sounds, and color therapy, but the easiest way is perhaps aromatherapy. Each chakra responds to different scents and can be brought back into balance by simply wearing an essential oil or filling your home with the scent of a special chakra candle.

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At Daylyn, we’re committed to respecting the global marketplace by getting our products from Fair Trade sources. Products marked Fair Trade ensures integrity at every stage of the supply chain  while making sure the poorer populations around the world are getting healthier working conditions and fair pay for their products. We support fair trade because it maintains many of our own values such as sustainability, sharing ethically,  and enriching lives.

If you want to understand the bigger picture behind what Fair trade means and how it impacts small-scale, indigenous farmers and craftsman, then here are the main values it upholds:

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