Why Daylyn Supports Fair Trade

Why Daylyn Supports Fair Trade

Why Daylyn Supports Fair Trade

At Daylyn, we’re committed to respecting the global marketplace by getting our products from Fair Trade sources. Products marked Fair Trade ensures integrity at every stage of the supply chain  while making sure the poorer populations around the world are getting healthier working conditions and fair pay for their products. We support fair trade because it maintains many of our own values such as sustainability, sharing ethically,  and enriching lives.

If you want to understand the bigger picture behind what Fair trade means and how it impacts small-scale, indigenous farmers and craftsman, then here are the main values it upholds:

Better Working Conditions

Fair trade products mean that they have been produced by small-scale farms or organizations that meet fair trade economic and social standards. Protection of workers rights, fair payment, and safe and healthy working conditions are all apart of these standards. When these farmers and workers gain more through fair trade, they become empowered to do more for themselves and their communities.  When buying fair trade products, you’ll know that forced labour and child labour are strictly prohibited.

Better for the Environment

In order to be Fair Trade certified, strict environmental standards must be adhered to, including sustainable irrigation practices, limited and safe use of agrochemicals, and the non-use of GMOs.  Fair trade makes it possible for farmers to be better stewards of the land, and not have to resort to poor farming practices due to low payment. They also encourage and reward those who grow organic by offering a higher fair trade minimum price.

Supports Relationships with Other Cultures

Fair Trade products brings more awareness to where the products come from, who makes them, and the challenges those workers might face. Simply put, Fair Trade makes people more informed buyers and closes the cultural gap by providing information on how the product is made and the communities that make them.

Better Quality

By supporting indigenous communities and handmade products, not only does fair trade provide products that are closer to the heart of the producers, but superior in  that they maintain the highest standards of quality. This not only includes hand-crafted products, but also food that is grown on small-scale farms with healthier agricultural practices and without the use of GMOs.

Support for the Communities

One very special aspect of Fair Trade is what’s called the “Fair Trade Premium.” The premium  is an extra amount of money that goes into a communal fund for workers and farmers to use as they see fit. Many have been able to use the premium towards improving their social and economic conditions of their community, such as better schools or healthcare, or improving infrastructure such as roads or public buildings.


Next time you’re out shopping, check to see if there is a Fair Trade logo to help make your purchasing decision - you may be surprised just how many staple items (like coffee or chocolate) come in fair trade alternatives. Be sure to check out the many Fair Trade items we carry,  such as our handmade clothing items, accessories, candles, and more.

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