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Cellulite Massage and Fascia Massage

This massage is quickly becoming popular and the name suggests why. Fascia is fibrous connective tissue mostly comprised of collagen that serves a purpose in the body, but in cases of injury and cellulite, it needs to be manually broken down.

Sonia uses a specialized tool to rake away cellulite and fascia from the body. This tool digs into the layers of fascia to help break it down on a level that is hard to achieve using your hands.

The procedure for this involves:

  • A warm up and the type of warm up depends which part of the body is getting worked on
  • Once the body is warmed you will be provided a robe to change into
  • Oil will be applied to the area of the body receiving treatment

This treatment may require several sessions but does not take a lot of time out of your day. The amount of treatments really depends on your body, the length of time you have had the fascia/cellulite, how hydrated you are and just how your body generally responds.

Aftercare: Stay hydrated! This is very important to the fascia. There may be bruising depending on how deep the layers of fascia go and what is going on with your body.

Sonia Viveiros


First Session (trial) = $10

  • 1 Session = $35
  • 5 Session Package = $120
  • 10 Session Package = $300

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