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Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)

Fatigue, headaches, poor complexion, constipation, indigestion, gas and bloating, bad breath, distended abdomen or yeast infections? Sound familiar?
Gently cleansing the bowel with filtered water (like a bath for your colon) can definitely help! Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method of cleansing and detoxifying the body by restoring the health, vitality and function of the colon. Warm, filtered water is gently (via gravity fed system) and continuously flowing into the bowel flushing toxins and built-up waste that’s accumulated over time

A Healthy Colon is Essential to a Healthy Body!

Sluggish colon from years of poor diet and lifestyle habits – compounded by stress takes a toll which can result in the putrefaction of partially digested food that remains in the colon too long.

Ever wonder where those “extra pounds” came from? Over time, the colon can become prolapsed in shape due to several pounds of accumulated fecal matter. It’s important to know – It is our priority as experienced Colon Hydrotherapists; we respect the sensitivity of this procedure and ensure personal dignity and privacy of our clients is maintained in a professional manner.

After all, we are not only therapists, we are also clients!

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Colonics                                   $90

Coffee Implant                           $25

Wheat Grass Implant                $25

Probiotic Implant                       $25

At-Home Enema Coaching      $90   (within 20km)


Packages also available

4 is $330 including HST save $30

6 is $500 including HST save $40

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