David Huff – Daylyn

David Huff

Certified Body Talk Practitioner
I grew up with allergies so severe that steroid drops for my eyes did no good. Cut the grass and I was in bed for 3 days. Migraines had always been a constant companion.  As my corporate success grew, so did the fancy titles and stressors. Irritable Bowel Syndrome crept in, my spine was compressing, and the allergies had spread to include foods.


Despite a degree in Psychology with a thesis in Stress Management, the idea of listening to my body was laughable. Through a series of synchronicities, The BodyTalk System™ discovered me in 2004 and transformed my life.  Allergies- gone. Migraines- gone. IBS- gone. Corporate career-  gone. Spirit- freed.

My on-going fascination with the true nature of reality has led to understanding health from the perspectives of Western Medicine, Chinese and Vedic Philosophy, Astrology, and Quantum Mechanics.  I have taken many dozens of health, spirit, personal development and

leadership courses. If one calls me, I take it. All weave beautifully into BodyTalk.

Through personal experience I know that health, happiness and rediscovering your true self can be just an observation away.


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