Introductory ‘EFT’ Session – Daylyn

Introductory ‘EFT’ Session

In her practice, Karin uses a unique, gentle approach to transform your daily challenges into victories. She guides you while focusing on a specific aspect, shifting heaviness into opportunity, and stress into a whimsical peace. How different would your life be if you could manage stress, fear or guilt differently, or release it completely? Karin uses her wisdom to tap into yours, leaving you feeling empowered and motivated with a new energized attitude. Life is magical and does not “have to” be hard. We all deserve the freedom to speak our truth and honor our authentic self… to be understood. To heal is to expand, believe and dream.

FREE YOUR SPIRIT, One tap at a time…


60 minute experience using EFT as a self-help tool. Investment – $75.00

45 minute shifting energy of specific pain point for relief. Investment – $90.00

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