Michelle Vincent – Daylyn

Michelle Vincent

Michelle is a warm and thoughtful counselor whose life passion is devoted to helping people through their journey to self-empowerment. As a mother of three and an emergency service worker,  her wealth of knowledge, expertise and personal experience has truly been a life long journey full of lessons that she intends to use throughout her work as a psychotherapist.


Michelle is passionate about life transformation and dedicated to assisting her clients to achieve personal growth.  Her priority is to build a therapeutic alliance and to partner with her clients on their journey to embrace the life they wish to live, while supporting them in finding the tools that will help them in attaining their goals.

Michelle has experience with some more esoteric approaches such as The Work with Byron Katie Mitchell and she has participated in The School of The Work in L.A., California.  She has also participated as staff of The School of The Work in both California and Germany.

Michelle’s approach to counseling derives from a Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic perspective.  She also believes that   Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy is another preferred approach that will be effective in her practice.  Always willing to learn, Michelle is open to other forms of therapy and participates in continuing education through courses and seminars.

Her specialties are focused within PTSD, anxiety, depression and stigmatized culture in the various Emergency Services professions.

Michelle understands that everyone has a unique story and her goal is to meet her clients at their current point in their journey and work with them at a pace that supports their discovery of where they would like to be

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