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Psychotherapeutic Services & Empowerment Counselling

We provide a wide variety of services that are administered to build a strong relationship with our clients and provide a helping hand through their journey to empowerment.  We offer services that focus on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Enrichment and any other self-developmental needs.

We also specialize in workplace improvement and reintegration where we assist our clients that are coping with difficult situations that effect their work.  Whether your concerns lay within your family or internally at the workplace, we have developed a program that reinvigorates your confidence and in turn, your ability to continue working while remaining on an empowered path.  We also focus on Emergency Service Professionals that have dealt with traumatic situations or have been exposed to stressful environments.

With our proactive and preventative program, we hope to address the issues our clients are facing with a positive mindset and tools to overcome their obstacles. Our goal is enrich our client’s lives with a healthy outlook of their self, their relationships and their work.  We believe that no problem is too small, and that everyone deserves to feel empowered!

Please call us for pricing details! We offer the gift of a free half hour consultation to determine how we can set you on your journey to empowerment!

Michelle Vincent MACP

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