Sheelagh Stewart – Daylyn

Sheelagh Stewart

Float On Your Cloud Practitioner
Founder, creator and all ‘round happy gal, Sheelagh Stewart, initiated SheeBody on a sun kissed day, by the water’s edge. Locally crafted along the shores of Lake Simcoe, SheeBody began as a premium collection of aromatic Body Butter Creams, and organically evolved into a beautiful fusion of deep restorative massage, soothing aromatherapy and energy balancing.
With a continuing education in holistic health (HOL/CNHP), Sheelagh offers her signature “Float on your Cloud“ session – A nurturing soul drenched aroma-massage voyage aimed not only at restoring sore muscles, harmony and balance but de-scrambling energies, while encouraging the comfort of stillness, rest and tranquility. Helping to remove the physical and energetic layers that prevent people from shining, these massage sessions consistently trigger divine blissful states – nurturing and nourishing, they feel a lot like floating on your own therapeutic cloud.