Victoria Mead

Massage Therapist

Victoria is a focused and dedicated therapist. She graduated Everest College in August 2010 with a great devotion for helping others and continuing her education. She believes in good nutrition and regular maintenance with massage as part of a happy and energetic life style. Challenges and new experiences keep Victoria excited about each and every day, always determined to improve client’s flexibility, circulation, and decrease their pain with trigger point therapy.

All kinds of people, young and old, can benefit from massage Therapy. Victoria will do a personal assessment of each client to arrange the perfect treatment for them using their goals, pain tolerances and comfort as top priorities.

Victoria Knows how important it is for people to live stress free, but also how difficult it can be to achieve that. By just adding a little exercise, stretching and massage therapy to your daily living, you can begin to decrease daily stress and discomfort or pain efficiently and comfortably.

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