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Amethyst Infused Aura Spray

Amethyst Infused Aura Spray

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Tap into a calming energy with our soothing amethyst Melon Freesia and Rose Infused Aura Spray. This natural aura and body spray is infused with natural scents of melon, freesia and rose. Moreover, our Aura Spray is a blend of natural and essential oils that promote a shift in energy to create a feeling of joy. 

Let the gentle aroma of these flowers and the energy of Amethyst keep you smiling and smelling lovely all day. In fact, floral scents in the Amethyst Melon, Freesia and Rose Infused Aura Spray inspire uplifting energies and dispel negativity. Additionally, the peaceful scents may inspire relaxation while keeping you feeling light and airy. Use this spray as a natural body mist or as an aura setting spray.

In addition, etaphyscial practices commonly use Amethyst infused aura spray as a conduit to balance mood. Dispel negativity and welcome happiness with mindful intention when using this spray. Undoubtedly, Amethyst may activate spiritual awareness, open intuition and support an increase in psychic abilities.

3.75 oz Spray Bottle



Draw a warm shower or bath with the aura spray and lather your skin in circular motions.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
Cesser l’utilisation en cas d’irritation.  @shopdaylyn

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