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Assorted Floral Sage Bundle

Assorted Floral Sage Bundle

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Assorted Floral Sage Bundle

Floral Sage Bundles offer a beautiful way to practice smudging for rituals and rites. The combination of Sage works synergistically with the intertwined flowers to support different intentions while smudging . Choose from a variety of floral sage bundles according to your specific desires and purposes. 

Varieties and Uses:

Strawflower Sage bundles common uses include promoting wellness, abundance, joy and prosperity. Their sunny colours represent the energy of the sun as well as their beautiful yellow hue. Thus, you may know this bundle as “Golden Everlasting.”

Next, Sudan Sage Bundles supporting grounding holistic practices. This unique bundle offers an earthy scent. It may help to reconnect with the earth and offer security and serenity. 

Additionally, the Sinuata Sage Bundle represents memory and remembrance. This smudging stick’s common uses include celebrating life and honouring those who are amongst the spirit world. Further to this, this bundle is useful in calming ceremonies, meditation, and cleansing rituals.

Now, the common uses of Sorgo Sage Sticks include purifying energy and welcoming sweet blessings into your life. Excitingly, this sage bundle may unleash a pleasant relaxing scent and open your mind and space to new possibility. 

Fourthly, we also offer Phalaris Sage Bundles. Phalaris is a natural reed grass. Its sweet yet earthy scent perfectly complements the aroma of sage. Thus, you may light this bundle for use in grounding, cleansing and calming ceremonies. 

Lastly, the Mullein Sage Bundle’s reputation totes this herb as a medicinal remedy. Thusly, the herb is often part of traditional spiritual practices. Its aroma is earthy and pungent. Certainly, this botanical bundle offers a grounding scent and reconnection with Mother Earth. 

How To Use A Floral Sage Stick: 

  • Carefully light the Sage stick keeping in mind a fire may ignite.
  • Blow out the Sage Stick and mindfully encircle your surroundings by waving the Sage wand avoiding contact with anything.
  • Move the Floral Sage Bundle in a counterclockwise circular motion above your head keeping distance from your hair and clothing. 
  • If you are smudging a space, start from the eastern corner working your way counterclockwise to each adjoining corner.
  • This ritual may welcome peace and positivity while ridding the space of negativity. 


Never leave a lit Sage Stick unattended. Be sure to extinguish the smudging stick after use in a smudge pot or with an extinguishing accessory. Always ensure the Sage stick is extinguished after use and keep the lit or smouldering sage bundle out of reach from children and animals. 

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