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Bio Energy Therapy

Bio Energy Therapy

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The simplest way to explain NES Health is that it’s a 3 step natural health system that can tell you what’s going on with your body physically, mentally and emotionally. The first step is simply placing your hand on a scanning device and in seconds the software returns more than 150 results about your body and energy field in extreme detail. These include: Major organs and organ systems, environmental influences, such as toxins and electromagnetic fields, nutritional influences, musculoskeletal system, emotions, including trauma and shock. 

The second step to the system involves used a hand held pulsed electromagnetic field device called the Mi Health to remove energetic blockages in the body field which will be indicated by the software. 

The third and final step to the system is using information drops, called infoceuticals in mineral water to correct imbalances in the body. For example, if someone had a high p

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