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Black Tourmaline Crystal Candle

Black Tourmaline Crystal Candle

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Let the Black Tourmaline Crystal Candle shield you from negative energy. Black Tourmaline is a potent crystal that inspires deeper understanding of self. Place the Black Tourmaline Crystal Candle in a window to offer peace of mind and welcome luck. 

The candle boasts an elegant black tourmaline crystal and is perfect to light during trying times. Spark its wick and focus on positive aspects of your life. This soy wax candle supports mindfulness practices seamlessly as you burn off unwanted negativity. 

In addition, the refreshing scents of peppermint and eucalyptus open the senses and awaken the mind. The cleansing scent fills your space with releasing and calming aromas. Promote confidence, transform imposing thoughts and allow its beautiful glow to soothe you. 


7.5 oz

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