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Blue Sage Bundles

Blue Sage Bundles

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 4 Inch Blue Sage Smudge Bundles (Grandmother Sage)

The uses of Blue Sage are nearly endless when it comes to spiritual rituals and rites. This Sage Stick’s common applications in spiritual healing practices include cleansing, protection and the welcoming of abundance. 

Interestingly, Blue Sage is a close relative of White Sage and commonly referred to as Grandmother Sage. Further to this, the natural herb stick gives off a scent similar to lavender. Moreover, Blue Sage sticks are a perfect inclusion within deep healing practices such as inner work and mind decluttering.

Most notably, the act of using a Sage stick, “smudging”, is a long standing tradition of Native American and indigenous cultures. This spiritual practice may induce feelings of security, clarity and protection. Further to this, using Blue Sage may help support meditation practices with its unique and pleasant aroma and soothing presence.

Finally, we honour and thank the indigenous communities and elders for sharing this sacred tradition. We are grateful for this offering of peace, connection and healing.

How To Use A Blue Sage Stick: 
Carefully light the Sage stick keeping in mind a fire may ignite. Blow out the Sage Stick and mindfully encircle your surroundings by waving the Sage wand avoiding contact with anything.

Move the Blue Sage Bundle in a counterclockwise circular motion above your head keeping distance from your hair and clothing. If you are smudging a space, start from the eastern corner working your way counterclockwise to each adjoining corner. This ritual may welcome peace and positivity while ridding the space of negativity. 

Caution: Never leave a lit Sage Stick unattended. Be sure to extinguish the smudging stick after use in a smudge pot or with an extinguishing accessory. Always ensure the Sage stick is extinguished after use and keep the lit or smouldering sage bundle out of reach from children and animals. 

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