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Citrine Crystal Candle

Citrine Crystal Candle

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Sunnier days are a candle away with this Citrine Crystal Candle. Transport your mind to a warm and tranquil space when you spark the joyous scents of citrus, orange, and grapefruit. 

This hand-poured soy wax candle is topped with a citrine crystal to fill your space with positive and soothing energies. The gorgeous hue that emits from the crystal candle casts a calming and soft glow. Additionally, the gentle flame perfectly complements an evening meditation with a sublime flow of joyous energy.

Grab a Citrine Intention Candle to awaken the third eye Chakra. Ignite your imagination, intuition, and open your senses with refreshing citrus scents. Citrine, the November birthstone may promote prosperity with golden sun energy. This Citrine Crystal Candle encourage new beginnings, fresh perspectives and joy. 


7.5 oz

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