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Clear Quartz Crystal Candle

Clear Quartz Crystal Candle

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This Clear Quartz Crystal Candle’s formulation makes your aura shiny and new while strengthening your energy. Excitingly, the orange citrus scent is uplifting and refreshing. On the contrary, the grounding scent of frankincense allows you to solidify your desires.

Moreover, this manifestation candle is best to light as you focus deeply on the things you want most in life. Feel the rise and fall of your breath as you cleanse and release negative thoughts. In summation, the Clear Quartz stone offers a sense of balance as it purifies the space around you while offering peace.

Plus, this stunning, hand-poured soy wax candle contains clementine essential oil. The citrusy scent offers a sweet and light fragrance to lift the spirit. Additionally, the beautiful natural candle is an elegant accent piece to any space. It’s subtle colours and light fragrance act as a lovely functional, yet decorative household item.

7.5 oz

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