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Over time the colon can become prolapsed in shape with several pounds of accumulated fecal matter. This may be due to a sluggish colon from years of a stagnant lifestyle, poor diet compounded by stress which takes a toll on your colon. Results in the putrefaction of waste that remains in the colon too long.

Gentle irrigation of the bowel using filtered water (like a bath for your colon) can definitely help!

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe & effective method of removing built up waste aiding in restoring the vitality & natural rhythm - assists in combating constipation, distended abdomen, gas & bloating.

Warm water continuously flows via gravity system (no machines!) - soaking impaction and flushing out toxins and built up congestions of fecal that is clogging the colon.

We proudly only use disposable equipment approved by York Region Public Health.

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