Morganite & Rose Quartz charm Bracelet by AIYANA - Self Compassion – Daylyn

Self Compassion

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Made with the Intention to assist in cultivating a more gentle, compassionate and kinder view towards yourself, and your perceived inadequacies, limited beliefs, failures, and or own pain and suffering.

Self Compassion often takes awareness of our own perceived thoughts and feelings, which are often subconscious and formed without our awareness or choosing. Many of these thoughts and feelings never belonged to you, yet they have been carried with you throughout your life, and can sometimes result in becoming overly critical of ourselves. Recognizing self destructive patterns and negative feelings towards yourself is often the first step. With each mindful act of self compassion may you accept yourself fully as you are in this moment because you're absolutely perfect!

Made with 10mm Morganite stones with a Faceted Rose Quartz Charm.

All accents and charms are 925.Sterling Silver.