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Change Your Words - Change Your Life

Change Your Words - Change Your Life

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Change Your Words - Change Your Life

Saturday September 30 ,  10:00am – 12:30pm 

Join this fun filled class as you are lead on a journey into self discovery The Power of Your Words.  They are here as a tool to assist you in shaping your outer experiences/reality.  You will discover that by simply adjusting the words you use in your daily living, can greatly impact and change the trajectory for your life.  

Learn how to:

  • “Speak it into Being”
  • Identify the frequency works you are using - LOW – HIGH – MASTER Frequency words (negative/dead words – neutral words – positive/living words)
  • Connect words to a vibration, emotions and feelings that is attracting or pushing away that in which you are working to create
  • Muscle test the words you use to discover the strength and frequency in which they are existing in your body and everyday life – promoting or blocking – affecting your health, abundance and relationships


The Art of using words effectively to communicate and express yourself in a healthy way is life transforming.  It activates and stimulates your brain to visualize healthy outcomes.  It alters the feeling in your heart to balance out your emotions.  There are many benefits in learning how to use words to reshape one's reality. 

 Words are fun – words are playful! 

 Tanya is a Human Explorist who brings Science, Spirituality and Energetic laws together to help individuals tell a new story for their life .  She has over 2 decades  working with people to help  transform their lives from the inside out.  Ultimately helping one shift their identity so that they can enjoy a healthier outer human experience.   

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