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Day Dreamer Smudging Set

Day Dreamer Smudging Set

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About The Item...

Day Dreamer Smudging Set

Allow the pleasant flow of your imagination with the Day Dreamer Sage Set

light your palo santo with a match or candle. Move the palo santo around and guide the smoke around your body and fill the space to purify.

to fill the space or object of focus. Allow the scent to bring peace, calmness, and clarity throughout your ritual, along with positive energy and feelings

Close your eyes and hold your eucalyptus dragon's blood bundle close to your heart. Connect to your heart and mind and breath in the aroma. Allow the pleasant flow of daydreaming to begin.

You can burn your bundle after and offer your daydreams to the universe, or keep your bundle and continue this practice until you are ready.

set included :

1 x Eucalyptus/Dragon's Blood, 1 x palo santo

Our Gift To You: 

The purchase of this sage set includes a complimentary affirmation card, palo santo and a white feather in every box to support your wellness journey.

How To Use Dragon's Blood and Eucalyptus Sage Sticks: 

  • Carefully light the Sage stick keeping in mind a fire may ignite.
  • Blow out the Sage Stick and mindfully encircle your surroundings by waving the Sage wand avoiding contact with anything.
  • Move the Floral Sage Bundle in a counterclockwise circular motion above your head keeping distance from your hair and clothing. 
  • If you are smudging a space, start from the eastern corner working your way counterclockwise to each adjoining corner.
  • This ritual may welcome peace and positivity while ridding the space of negativity. 


Never leave a lit Sage Stick unattended. Be sure to extinguish the smudging stick after use in a smudge pot or with an extinguishing accessory. Always ensure the Sage stick is extinguished after use and keep the lit or smouldering sage bundle out of reach from children and animals. 

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