Smoky Quartz Gemstone Necklace by AIYANA Jewelry - Empowerment – Daylyn


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Made with the Intention to help you remember that you have the power within to take charge of your own life. We often give our power away to others, placing others on pedestals believing that they are superior or out of reach compared to ourselves. When in actuality you have everything within yourself to achieve what you want. We can easily become dependent on others, especially when we feel vulnerable or when circumstances seem out of our control. This necklace is made to help you remember that you have everything within yourself no matter what life presents. To realize your own worth, talents, strength's, capabilities, weakness's and to also accept yourself as you are, and others as they are helps create a certain level of self awareness which in turn helps you step into your own power and potential.

May this necklace help you fully step into your power and also take back your power from anyone or any incident you may have given it to, as well as realize and fulfill your full potential to help you fulfill your highest needs.

Made with 925. Sterling Silver faceted Smoky Quartz. Chain is 16 inches long.