Tigers Eye & Black Obsidian Bracelet by AIYANA Jewelry - Fearless – Daylyn


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Made with the Intention to release your fears. This bracelet is made to help release the limits you have set for yourself, as well as release all fears based around any incapabilities or inadequacies your mind has created. To let go of any fear based stories stored in your mind you may have attached yourself to, that never belonged to you. To liberate your heart from fear based emotions based on past hurts, disappoints, experiences and let downs. To release the fears you feel from the world. To step outside the excuses you have fabricated. To stretch beyond what is holding you back. To realize your expansiveness and ability to stretch beyond all boundaries and limits you have set for yourself. To step into the courage within to face your fears with confidence and bravery. To let all fears fall away and rewrite your script. You can overcome anything that steps in your way.

Made with 10mm Tigers Eye and Black Obsidian stones.