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Floral Essence Sage Set

Floral Essence Sage Set

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About The Item...

Fill you heart with the uplifting, loving energy with this FLORAL ESSENCE SET . As you burn your floral sage offer highest intention to the universe

set included :

3 x 4" sage bundle - an assortment of 3 x floral white sage & Palo Santo Stick 

each box is a little different !there will be a selection of white sage wrapped in rose , strawflower, sudan / sinuata /sorgo, phalarisor mullein

Our Gift To You: 
The purchase of this sage set includes a complimentary affirmation card, palo santo and a white feather in every box to support your wellness journey.

How To Use A Floral Essence Sage Set: 
Carefully light a Sage stick keeping in mind a fire may ignite. Blow out the Sage stick and mindfully encircle your surroundings by waving the Sage wand. Move the Essence Sage stick in a counterclockwise circular motion above your head keeping distance from your hair and clothing. If you are smudging a space, start from the eastern corner working your way counterclockwise to each adjoining corner. This ritual may welcome peace and positivity while ridding the space of negativity. 

Caution: Never leave a lit Sage stick unattended. Be sure to extinguish the smudging stick after use in a smudge pot or with an extinguishing accessory. Always ensure the Sage stick is extinguished after use. Keep a lit or smouldering stick out of reach of children and animals.




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