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Green Aventurine Crystal Candle

Green Aventurine Crystal Candle

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Spark this Green Aventurine Crystal Candle to welcome abundance into your life. Be it financial, love, health, or otherwise, this candle supports the manifestation of your desires. The balancing scent of rose and sandalwood paves the way to receiving and fills the air with a peaceful, grounding essence.  

This soy wax candle can be lit as part of your manifestation practice. Settle on the things you wish to acquire and recite them aloud or in your mind. Focus on being open and ready for these things to come into your life. Practice this daily to solidify the manifestation.

Let the balancing scent of sweet and earthy paint a scenery of openness. Imagine yourself in a space that is clear and receptive as you breathe in the aromatherapeutic candle. Manifest your greatest dreams with the Green Aventurine Crystal Candle as the stone challenges you to take on new opportunities. 




7.5 oz

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