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Dreamcatcher Hanging Crystal

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 This unique crystal hanger features a beautiful molded silver-toned dispatcher at its center. Woven throughout the double-spiral are black and turquoise beads. Silver feathers and an owl charm dangle from the spiral and the attached loop makes hanging easy. At the base of the spiral is a strand of alternating black and turquoise beads and a stunning multi-faceted clear crystal sphere. This wonder hanger will add interest and sparkle to any home, patio or garden.

Dreamcatchers are an ancient spiritual tool used to protect the sleeper from bad dreams. A dreamcatcher should be hung over the place you sleep and where the morning light can hit it. All dreams will then filter through the dreamcatcher, where good dreams will glide down the feathers to the sleeper below and bad dreams will get caught in the web and be destroyed by the first beam of morning light.

Hang in your window and create a beautiful prism like rainbow when the sun shines through. In feng shui this helps clear and replenish energy.

Size: 3 cm (1.2 inch) crystal 12.5 inch spiral hanger

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Free Shipping Over $100  
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