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Happy Mother's Day Wish Bracelet

Happy Mother's Day Wish Bracelet

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Celebrate Mother's Day in style with our Happy Mother's Day Bracelet – the whimsical Mini Wish that's the perfect little pick-me-up gift for Mom! Handcrafted with love, each Mini Wish is a tiny treasure waiting to make her dreams come true.

So, what exactly are Mini Wishes? It's simple! Just make a wish and tie the cord around your wrist. As you wear it, the cord gradually wears down until it breaks, releasing your wish into the universe!

Crafted from durable 0.5mm thick black cord and adorned with a real crystal chip bead, our Mini Wishes are as stylish as they are magical. With cords measuring 35cm in length and untied, they're designed to fit any wrist size. Simply remove the cord from the card, tie it securely in place, and snip off the ends for an instant dose of wishful thinking!

Give Mom the gift of wishful magic this Mother's Day with our Mini Wishes – because who knows? Her next big wish might just be a tie away from coming true!

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