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Himalayan Salt

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Himalayn bath salts are widely known to cleanse and detoxify your body, but that not all, good for skin smoother softer, cleanerReduce stress
purest salt in the world, 84 minerals and trace elements,

Himalayan Bath Salts allow you to cleanse the body and revive your spirit. These unscented salts awaken the senses. Himalayan Salt have been known to cleanse and detoxify the skin - leaving it smoother, softer, and cleaner than ever before. Himalayan salt has also been known for their healing properties and can be used for insect bites, to help blisters, and even help ailments that affect joints. Soaking in a warm bath with Himalayan Salts have personally helped me with premenstrual symptoms (cramps and bloating). And for my husband, it helps to reduce his stress and get a better night's sleep!

Himalayan salts are considered to be one of the most pure salts in the world. Himalayan salts contain 84 minerals and trace elements (including calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and iodine). The salt colors will vary from a very pale pink, to coral, and darker pink hues! I cannot guarantee the range of colors in your salt bag.