Dendrite Opal & Black Onyx Bracelet by AIYANA Jewelry - Humility – Daylyn


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Made with the Intention to help you understand your role and responsibility with yourself and also within your circle and community, while continuing to look out for the wellbeing of others.

This bracelet is Intended to help you remember that we are all equal, and no being is superior to another. When we accept that there is always much more than our own individual knowing we remain open to all that life has to offer.

When we look out for each other and recognize our needs on a collective level, we will begin to make a positive impact on the world. The wolf never feasts without finding its pack to share the meal.

May this bracelet help remind you that your views of your-self are just as important as your perceptions of others.

Made with 8mm Dendrite Opal and Black Onyx stones.

All accents and charms are 925.Sterling Silver.