Individual Soul Healing Mentoring Session

Individual Soul Healing Mentoring Session

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 Cathy Bell has been working with healing energy medicine, group transformational facilitation, and reflexology for over 26 years with 9 Certifications. Her passion, energy, intuition, humour,
unique viewpoint, and peaceful nature will have you feeling very secure in her
presence. More than believing Cathy
feels there is a deeper place of knowing in each of us, and she has the ability
to take you to this place. A journey
into remembering who you truly are is Cathy’s gift of healing service. She points to the truth that everything you
are looking for, is always in the place you are looking from, and when you
connect to this place, you can see clearer the interconnectedness of all life.
Come join any invitation Cathy offers to get a glimpse into your true nature. Your Soul is always calling you!  

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