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Intuitive Healing session Fri. April 19

Intuitive Healing session Fri. April 19

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Friday April 19 / 10am-6pm

Integrated healing & reading ~ These sessions consist of two parts. The interactive akashic record reading part and the experiential intuitive healing part where Bhavya channels the higher vibration multidimensional beings and your spiritual team that comes forward, specific to your healing needs. These sessions are powerful and wholesome. They help heal stored trauma, stubborn patterns, blockages, ailments including those that you may not consciously be aware of because it's in your energetic bodies and has not manifested completely in the physical yet. 

What to expect from an Integrated healing & reading?

Each session is unique, intuitively guided to assist on your spiritual journey and brings a shift to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and karmic levels renewing the physical and auric bodies.

  • These sessions are deeply healing and profoundly powerful. 
  • During the sessions the vibration of the body rises in preparation for the higher vibration energies that are channelled. 
  • The healing is very deep and does not end with the session. It can continue to unfold up to 72 hours after the scheduled session is over. 
  • The experiences are profound and vary based on how open and receptive you are.
  • You could experience anything from sublime peace, tingling sensation, spanning dimensions, astral travel, change in body temperature, meeting with your guides and much more. 

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