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Manifestation Crystal Healing Gift Set

Manifestation Crystal Healing Gift Set

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Elevate your gifting game with our new Manifestation set, thoughtfully packaged in an eco-friendly, recyclable box filled with sustainable shredded paper. Perfect for any occasion, this gift set includes carefully curated items from our Modern Magic Range, designed to inspire and empower.

Each Gift Box Includes:
- Manifestation Journal with Amethyst Pen: A tool for setting intentions and manifesting your dreams.
- Amethyst Moon Phase Crystal Point: Harness the calming energy of Amethyst and lunar phases.
- Amethyst Crystal Necklace Card: Wear this beautiful crystal close to your heart.
- Semi-Precious Crystal Keyring: Carry a piece of positive energy wherever you go.

Unleash the magic of manifestation with this unique and eco-conscious gift set, ready to delight and inspire.

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