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Meditation Rings- Balance

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Based on the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheel, Meditation rings are said to reduce tension & anxiety by the consistent repetitive motion of the outer bands.   Ancient Buddhist text proclaim profound benefits of the Tibetan Prayer Wheel, stating; the ability to reach a harmonized & peaceful state of mind which aids in the ultimate state of enlightenment or Buddha. In addition, research has revealed that “playing with” the spinning bands induces calmness, serenity & peace of mind to the wearer. Sometimes called; spin, worry, prayer or wish rings they are also thought to bring good luck & fortune.

Be it enlightenment, serenity or luck…these Meditation rings are elegant & unique. Handmade in 925 Sterling Silver, some with Tri-Color natural bass, copper and sterling silver spinner bands, each ring is one of a kind, like the individual wearing it.

Understated and elegant Sterling Silver band with scalloped edges encompassed in brass and sterling silver spinners.  

Great fit for the thumb.

In sizes 5.5 to 11.5 with half sizes available.