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Based on the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheel, Meditation rings are said to reduce tension & anxiety by the consistent repetitive motion of the outer bands.   Ancient Buddhist text proclaim profound benefits of the Tibetan Prayer Wheel, stating; the ability to reach a harmonized & peaceful state of mind which aids in the ultimate state of enlightenment or Buddha. In addition, research has revealed that “playing with” the spinning bands induces calmness, serenity & peace of mind to the wearer. Sometimes called; spin, worry, prayer or wish rings they are also thought to bring good luck & fortune.

Be it enlightenment, serenity or luck…these Meditation rings are elegant & unique. Handmade in 925 Sterling Silver, some with Tri-Color natural bass, copper and sterling silver spinner bands, each ring is one of a kind, like the individual wearing it.

Sterling Silver Hammer & scalloped band with textered tri-colour spinner bands. 

 In sizes 5.5 to 11.5 in full and half sizes.