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Mini Chakra Stone Pack

Mini Chakra Stone Pack

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About The Item...

Hey there, young crystal enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive into the magical world of crystals and chakra balancing? Well, we've got the perfect starter set that's as fun as a treasure hunt!

Imagine these crystals as your secret superpower stones:

🌟 Clear Quartz: This one's like a sparkly crown for your head! It's all about spirituality, thinking big, and connecting to the magical universe above.

🔮 Amethyst: Picture a mystical third eye in the middle of your forehead. Amethyst helps you tap into your inner superhero by boosting your intuition, clarity, and maybe even your psychic powers!

🎤 Sodalite: If you want to be a superstar communicator, Sodalite's got your back. It's like a megaphone for your throat chakra, making you a champion of truth and self-expression.

💚 Green Aventurine: Right in your heart, there's a place for love and compassion. Green aventurine lives there, helping you keep your emotions in perfect balance.

🐅 Tiger Eye: Meet your personal power booster! Tiger Eye hangs out in your belly, making you feel like a superhero with loads of confidence and self-esteem.

🍊 Orange Calcite: Down in your lower tummy, Orange Calcite is the artist's tool of choice. It's all about creativity, passion, and letting your imagination run wild!

🌰 Red Agate: At the base of your spine, you've got your very own security guard, Red Agate. It's here to keep you grounded, safe, and ready to face any adventure.

This set is like having your own collection of magic crystals to unlock your hidden potential. So, grab your cape (or maybe just a cool crystal necklace), and let's start this exciting journey into the world of crystal healing and chakra balancing! 🚀✨

set includes:-1 clear quartz point, 1 amethyst, 1 sodalite, 1 green aventurine, 1 tiger eye,      1 orange calcite, 1 red agate

Size: 3″ x 3.25″ x 1″


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