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Owl Bamboo Wind Chime

Owl Bamboo Wind Chime

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 The base of this exotic Wind Chime features a beautiful hand carved owl with white washed finish. Both the clapper and chimes are made from bamboo, together they produce a natural meditative tone.

Owl spirit medicine is the deep connection to wisdom and intuitive knowledge. Owl is the bringer of transformative change and magic. The moon is a reflection of the sun. It symbolizes the accomplished woman that, through several cycles has acquired the true knowledge. The one that comes only with insight. Also associated with dreams and the bearing of new projects or children.


Bamboo Windchimes are handcrafted in Indonesia, where the climate is usually hot and humid. When submitted to extreme changes of temperature or humidity, they are susceptible to crack. Minor cracks are considered a condition inherent to these products, and will not affect the gentle sounds created by a nice summer breeze


34”L x 4.5”D

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