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Raw Amethyst Pendant Necklace

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We love the imperfect beauty of raw gemstones and we are excited to finally add February’s birthstone, amethyst, to our collection. Since purple has long been recognized as a symbol of royalty across many cultures, we hope you feel regal in this gorgeous raw amethyst necklace.

Amethyst is known as an all-healer and one of the most effective crystals for healing.  Referred to as “nature’s tranquilizer”, amethyst is an excellent crystal for reducing anxiety, increasing calm and soothing anger. Amethyst also aids in enhancing creativity and has also been referred to as the Artist’s Stone, the Composer’s Stone or the Painter’s Stone – all professions related to the creation of art.

This necklace features a single raw amethyst stone that measures approximately 10mm in size. The crystal is strung on a delicate chain measuring approximately 16” in length and is available on a gold-filled or 925 sterling silver. Each crystal is unique and may vary slightly in size and color but all are stunning in their natural beauty.

All Kind Karma jewelry is locally made in the Toronto area and handcrafted by at-risk and transitioning homeless youth

We spread kindness through our commitment to ethical fashion that gives back, creates opportunity and positivity. By employing at-risk and homeless youth to make beautiful, custom handcrafted jewelry, all Kind Karma pieces have a positive social impact on the Toronto community.

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