Authentic Turquoise & Labradorite Bracelet by AIYANA Jewelry - Respect – Daylyn


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May this bracelet act as a reminder to notice the movement and whispers of the trees, the sounds and spirits of the animals, the energy and life of the ocean tides, the care and craft that went into each item you possess, the offerings and beauty of all species of plants and medicines, the history and color of each culture and tradition with love and respect.

Made with the Intention to help you hold your-self, others and all living things and objects in the highest regard. When we treat ourselves with Respect physically, mentally and emotionally we show others how we expect to be treated. This bracelet is intended to help you see all that there is in the life that surrounds you. Just as the trees give us oxygen and provides sustainability of the planet, we must give respect in return. 

Made with 10mm White Turquoise and Labradorite stones.

All accents and charms are 925.Sterling Silver.