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Rose Quartz Love Infused Aura Spray

Rose Quartz Love Infused Aura Spray

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Get yourself in the mood for instant romance with our Rose Quartz Love Infused Aura Spray. Whether you're at home or about to go out, just spray a few pumps and you're good to go! Indeed our aromatherapeutic spray inspires a natural shift in energy and mood through love-invoking ingredients.

Not to mention rose quartz attracts unconditional love, compassion, and centers you into a space of pure love and balance. In fact, it aligns with goddess and divine feminine energy for comfort. It may act as a conduit to connect with a gloriously grounding force. Last but not least, it intimates an external elixir with its natural blend of rose quartz, rose, lily, and jasmine.

Not only does the Rose Quartz aroma touches your heart immediately as its loving warmth surrounds you but also cleanses, loves, and envelops you. This natural gemstone may cleanse and purify the energy field. It ignites feelings of compassion and self-love. Inhale the sweet fragrance of rose water, lily, and jasmine as it fills the room with beautiful energy. 

Surround yourself with loving vibrations, cleanse your aura, and clear negative energies from your space.


Simply spray a few pumps in a circular motion above the crown of your head and allow the mist to fall around you. Take in deep breaths and dive deep into the realm of love.

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