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Cathy provides 1 hour to 90 minute individual sessions for anyone that is seeking a deeper look at one’s true nature. If you are finding yourself confronting the same issues over and over again, and you need support in lifting yourself out of definite patterns, this is the treatment for you. Cathy has a way of permeating surface symptoms by embarking on the root cause issue that may be holding you back. The work at hand is in recognition of what is happening within oneself through awareness, and then lining up with new choices that will profoundly shift your life. Depending on the individual Cathy will recognize what modalities are warranted for optimum care and breakthrough. Cathy’s combined 23 years experience with certified energy healing techniques, reflexology, intuition, sound/drum resonance healing, mentoring, shamanic ritual and angelic guidance, will have you experiencing a very unique session that will deeply shift your way of approaching your life.


Cathy Bell


  • 70 Minutes - $90
  • 90 Minutes - $100

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