Burma Jade & White Lace Agate Bracelet by AIYANA Jewelry - Strength – Daylyn


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Made with the Intention of Strength and Resiliency. Just as a tiny vulnerable seed planted in the soil must endure unfavourable conditions, with its inner life force, strength and resiliency within, it pushes its way up through the surface of the many layers of earth where the sun and seedling meet face to face. Even with the nurturing sun it must overcome harsh winds, cold temperatures, animals/prey, and other seedlings attempting to take space. The strong seedling eventually grows into a strong tree with grooves of character etched into it's bark telling its story of bravery. The tree stands tall after decades of overcoming obstacles and proudly provides life, and oxygen for all living things. May you continue to grow into a strong Oak Tree.

Made with 10mm Burma Jade and White Lace Agate stones.

All accents and charms are 925.Sterling Silver.