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Made with the Intention to remind the wearer that just like a rope, it is made of many threads woven together creating it's own unique rhythm and endless alternation.

When you wear this anklet may it act as a reminder that each thread symbolizes the places you have been, the people you have encountered, and the places you have yet to explore. Reminding you that each experience past, present, and future is like a thread which intertwines eventually forming your own rope, ultimately one that is strong, unbreakable, and that supports you in climbing new summits. One that is made of beauty, confidence and adventure, and is open to all that life has to offer.

Made to help remind you of your connection to yourself and how each thread allows for a deeper understanding and clarity of the path you have walked, and the path you are seeking. May this anklet help remind you to thread each foot step you walk on your journey with your heart, to walk with grace, and to choose each experience confidently so that you may proudly thread into your journey of life. 

10K Yellow Gold

1.25mm Rope Chain

9" in Length + 1" Extension