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Knit Poncho Turtleneck with Armholes

Knit Poncho Turtleneck with Armholes

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Picture this: you're wrapped in the Turtleneck Ribbed Knit Poncho with Armholes, feeling like the epitome of cozy chic. Crafted from 100% polyester, this isn't just a poncho—it's a style statement with a comfort guarantee. The ribbed knit adds a touch of elegance, and the turtleneck?

Oh, honey, that's just the cherry on top. But wait, there's more: strategically placed armholes mean you can live your best life without sacrificing warmth.

It's a one-size-fits-most wonder, designed to embrace sizes ranging from XS to XL, 0-16, or waists 32"-42". So go ahead, add this gem to your collection and prepare for it to be the talk of the town.

100% Polyester  One Size Fits Most Size Fit: XS-XL / 0-16 / 32"-42" Dimension: 44" x 28"

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