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Unscented Chakra Jar Candle-White

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White (Lotus

The white lotus candle burns with the intention of purity of mind and spirit. In buddhism, the lotus flower is a symbol of fortune. 

These candles are made with Palm Wax, a 100% pure natural wax made with palm oil. Sourced using fair trade practices in Pakistan, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Palm wax creates a decorative crystaline structure and holds more than twice as much fragrance as regular paraffin. They burn cleaner than paraffin, contain no petroleum products, and have top-grade cotton wicks.

Clear glass jar with unscented candle, 8" x 2.5" in diameter

Burn Time: 100 hours

Unscented Palm Wax  •8” Tall  •Burn Time: 100 hrs

Fair Trade Partners made in USA

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Free Shipping Over $100  
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