Meditation Ring Secrets

Meditation Ring Secrets



The beauty of meditation rings is no secret, however, their history and purpose often remain a mystery to those who’re only looking for a unique piece of hand candy. Many are captivated by their rustic, hand-crafted appearance, and in unison with their silver and copper beauty they draw many an onlooker to a quick buy. But, if you’re curious how to use meditation rings, an in-depth look reveals why those who adorn them quickly grow attached to more than just the enchanting sparkle on their fingers.


More Than Just Old-World Charm:

This new form of interactive jewelry is richer in history than you might think. These rings are based on Tibetan Prayer wheels,only now recreated so you can experience their tranquil affect right from your fingertips. In Buddhist tradition, the Tibetan Prayer Wheel comes in many forms: the most common are displayed and used in Buddhist temples, while smaller versions are used in Buddhist homes.

The Tibetan Prayer Wheels seen in Buddhist temples are large and beautifully embellished with scripted inlays, symbolism, or other ornate designs. It is believed that by rolling these metal or wooden prayer wheels (also called Mani-wheels) and repeating the phrase “Om Mani Padme Hum” you will obtain peace of mind, peace in your environment, and move closer to enlightenment.

Modern meditation rings are based on the idea that you can carry the same healing and enlightening benefits with you everywhere you go. With style and fashion, your hand can be a place of relaxation and stress relief.

Harmonize Your Home with Handheld Tibetan Prayer Wheels:

There exist many forms of Tibetan Prayer Wheels, but another popular variety is the handheld design. These handheld Tibetan Prayer Wheels are often made of metal and wood, and embody the same charm and attention to detail you’d expect. These wheels are often used as personal Mani-wheels for the home, and the same benefits are said to be had in the smaller versions.

In the same grand design as the Prayer Wheels, use your ring to say your affirmations. It is said that in the wheels, when you say your affirmation, and spin the beautifully scripted cylinders, it speeds up the resonance of your manifestations. Same goes for the rings on your fingers. Spin the inside ring and repeat your affirmations and intentions of peace.

Not just a pretty piece of hand candy anymore is it?

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