Harness The Power of Your Dreams with Dreamcatchers

Harness The Power of Your Dreams with Dreamcatchers

We all dream, and the study of these nightly subconscious events is fascinating and vast. Dream interpretation is an art that has mystified and influenced cultures around the world, and the dream catcher’s history is deeply embedded in Native American culture and symbolism. For a deeper understanding of the intricate details that make up the dream catcher, and how you can use one to your greatest advantage, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with these common dreamcatcher symbols:

The Web

The care and detail of a spider's web is reflected in the center design of the dreamcatchers loop. As a totem pole animal, the spider represents creativity, and these sensitive creatures are in tune with the smallest vibrations of the world. The spider's web in the loom teaches us about the cycles of life, and the good and bad we encounter in all stages. The web of the dreamcatcher is to help the good forces enter our lives, while trapping and protecting us from the bad. The small hole in the center is where our good dreams funnel through, allowing us to keep and focus on our aspirations and good visions.


The Feather

Most dreamcatchers will be adorned with feathers, with the one near the loop being of particular importance. Though each bird has its own meaning as a spirit or totem animal, birds in general represent the element air, and the breath. When placed in the dreamcatcher, it shows the weightless quality of our dreams and spirit, similar to how a bird soars effortlessly. The eagle in particular represented our ability to get close to the Creator, and in an earlier time, their feathers were often placed on dreamcatchers. Consider the meaning behind all the different birds before deciding if there’s a particular feather you’d like to tie near the center.


Gems and Beads

The stones and beads that are often placed on dreamcatchers represent earth and its ability to keep us grounded. The colour and properties of the stones hold significant value in how they effect our dreams and sleep. A long as you understand their different metaphysical properties, dream catchers can be customized to cater to specific needs. For instance, amethyst is a popular stone for increasing dream activity, and lepidolite and chrysophase can both help with sleep disturbances by calming the mind and alleviating recurring nightmares.



Dreams can also be a source of strength and guidance, and the arrowhead was used as a symbol to encourage these kinds of dreams. The pointed shape and strong material of the arrowhead symbolize direction and endurance. Adding one of these to a dreamcatcher would have brought success to a hunter, but today anyone needing help overcoming obstacles and challenges can benefit from adding this symbol to their dreamcatcher.


Cleansing Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are suppose to be placed in an area where they receive exposure to morning light in order dissolve any negative energy and banish the bad dreams “trapped” in them. However, if you’ve been experiencing bad dreams, you can try taking it outside and shaking it off, or smudging it with a sage stick. You can also try placing one of the aforementioned stones to your dreamcatcher to help with bad dreams.


Though dreamcatchers are sometimes used solely as pieces of art, now you know what each detail represents and how they can benefit your subconscious. If you want to start getting better sleep or enhance your dream activity, then check out our beautiful collection of dreamcatchers.

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